Alpha Dog Technologies

Dog Training Collars

We have the best dog shock training collar on the market. Our product is tried and tested is guaranteed to curb you dogs bad habits. Dog training can be a difficult under taking depending on the temperment of you dog. Different breeds can be more or less challenging to train because of their stubborness. Using e collars or electric training collars will speed up the training process and deliver results within days.

Train Your Dog In Days
  • Great for Small to Large Dogs
  • Get Results Quickly
  • Safe and Effective to Use
Ultimate Dog Training Collar
Features Features & Specifications
  • 3 stimulation modes for effective training - Shock, Vibration & Tone
  • Water Resistant Collar - Ok for dogs who
    like to get wet
  • 900 Ft Range - Great for dogs who like
    to run in the yard
  • LED Backlight on remote control for
    readability in the day or night