How to Keep Your Dog Training at Home Full of Fun

After your dog has completed his obedience training classes be sure to continue your  dog training  at home by developing a routine and keeping it fun. Regular training sessions reinforce what both you and your dog learned. Keeping it fun leads to big smiles and lots of tail wagging – a sure sign that you have a happy dog who is deeply bonded with you.

Look at your schedule to figure out the best time of day for you to set aside ten minutes for training. Your consistency is sure to be rewarded with quick results simply by focusing on your dog and his training on a daily basis, but this routine doesn’t have to be boring.

There are a number of ways to keep training fun and interesting. Remember, your dog doesn’t think, “Okay, time to train.” He decides only if it’s something he enjoys doing. If your dog enjoys the training sessions you can bet that he’s going to be eager to please and ready to participate in the entire process.

So, how do you keep your dog training at home fun? Think about what your dog likes. In general, most dogs like treats, they like to receive your praise, and they like it when you show affection. To keep your dog happy and willing to participate be sure to:

• Remain up-beat: Don’t let your frustration over a failed behavior color the entire training session.
• Talk to your dog: Speak to your dog in encouraging tones all throughout the training process to let him know you love him even if he isn’t perfectly obedient.
• Reward with a favorite game: Most people get stuck giving treat after treat after treat. No wonder training gets boring! Instead, reward your dog once or twice during your training session with a game that he loves to play.
• End on a positive note: Dogs have their off days just like people. Even if your dog isn’t responding to your commands like he usually does, look for a way to end the training session on a positive note.

Sticking to a routine doesn’t mean that your dog training at home has to be dull and boring. By talking to your dog in an encouraging tone, throwing in an occasional game as a reward, and ending each session on a positive note you’ll find that your training sessions are something both you and your dog look forward to.

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