Caring For Your Dog – Who Is Responsible For Chores?

As new family dog owners, whether it is a puppy or a mature family dog, you will need to assign chores to members of your family relating to the care of your dog. Your son or daughter will either experience caring for the dog fully by helping out with some chores, or see you do the caring for the family dog.

Either way, they should learn that we must be responsible for the care of our pets. All too often the children promise you that they will care for and walk the dog if you agree to get one, but very quickly the novelty wears off and no one in the family wants to take on the burden of cleaning, feeding, walking, or grooming the dog – but they are absolutely essential to get done for your pets health and safety.

You cannot expect very young children to do complicated or dangerous chores. However, everyone can do something, even the young children. Probably it will be best if the very preschoolers get to help you to rather than try things for themselves.

Young children can help you walk your pet, and help you to groom the dog. If you are totally sure about the dog’s temperament, then young children can feed them, but close supervision will be needed.

Adolescent kids, can do more for your family dog. It would be easy for a six year old to do some grooming, and if your home is in a safe area, to walk your dog daily. Adolescent kids will be able to feed the family dog, but supervision is recommended.

Your family dog must be aware that they kids are higher in rank than he is; as such they should be able to take his food from him without the pet growling. If you have a mature family dog, which you have rescued from the pound, then make sure you are totally confident of his temperament before you start allowing the children to feed him. If the dog is overly protective of his food, you may need the help of a trainer to teach him that it’s OK for people to handle him and his food when he is eating.

Adolescent kids can fill any holes dug in the yard, and clean the kennel, bed or family dog run. Bedding will need to be changed and washed regularly as they become soiled, and food bowls cleaned along with water bowls needing to be kept topped up with fresh water daily.

Dogs do not need to be bathed very often. However, if they get very dirty, they should need a bath. Teens and even younger ones can get involved with bathing, with supervision. Bathing to family dog is fun, but messy. Be prepared with numerous towels, and give the chore of tidying up the bathroom afterwards to one of the kids.

Cleaning up the droppings and family dog mess in the yard can be performed by older children, from age eight to sixteen. If the adolescent kids wanted the family dog, they ought to be responsible for his droppings, as well as the fun parts of having a pet family dog. Gloves and spades should be provided to do the cleaning in a safe way.

Dogs faeces is dangerous for boys and girls under five years of age and can in some cases cause blindness, so clearing up after your pet is truly a vital part of your dogs care. And for this reason, an adult or older child should be responsible for safely disposing of any and all body wastes from the dog.

Draw up a weekly chores chart with sections for every day of the week and who is responsible for what tasks. Parents should supervise the kids to make sure the necessary actions are carried out thoroughly, as we all know that kids will try to cut corners at every opportunity, and that can ultimately detrimentally affect the health and wellbeing of your pet.

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