Dog Training Tips – Guide to Stop Dog Chewing

All dogs need training, plus some pet dogs need training out of some anti-social or dangerous behaviors. This is not impossible and we can use a dog’s basic instincts to help us help them learn what we want them to do.

Probably the most annoying habits dogs get into is chewing on your shoes or items around the house. Chewing destroys our home, it can mean that your family dog gets out in the yard and gets himself into dangerous and possibly fatal situations. Chewing is something that you will need to train your puppy out of, but there is much that you can do to help them.

Firstly we have to ask why a dog chews?

Puppies have a chewing stage when their adult teeth come through. You are able to anticipate this by getting them tough dog toys that they’ll chew, and encouraging them to chew them.

The best way to deal with it is by making sure they have plenty of other activities to do as opposed to chew things. Make sure you play with them, give them enough exercise, and keep them entertained. Enroll your children to help!

Dogs chew objects for other reasons too, and one of them is boredom. Your puppy will need proper exercise, and this means every single day. Your puppy needs at least two walks per day, and they should spend some time off-lead, in a safe area.

Just letting your pooch out in the yard is not enough for the dog. He will need you to be involved, out with him. He should be trained not to pull on the lead, and this is done by praising him when he walks beside you. You have to focus on him. This is why it is important that you choose a puppy breed with characteristics that fits in best with your lifestyle.

Dogs may also chew when they’re anxious. Anxiety is often caused by your puppy being left alone for long periods of time. No puppy should be left alone for more than four hours – we all know that sometimes things happen and you can be caught up, but if that is the case then you have to be forgiving if your dog does something you don’t want.

If your puppy is going to be left for a long time, plan things to help him cope with this. One thing is to take your puppy for a good long walk before you leave. A tired puppy is less likely to get up to mischief. Buy one of those puppy toys that randomly drop out treats for your family dog. He will soon get the idea that if he plays with the toys he will get rewarded.

Hide toys or treats around the yard or house for the dog, so he can search out treats that he can smell. The more things you are able to help him to do using his brain, the less likely he will be to chew.

There are many tough dog toys that can be bought in dog stores or online that are designed specifically to mentally challenge and stimulate the dog to keep him totally preoccupied and entertained while you are away.

If your dog simply will not stop chewing on items no matter what you try, then you can get help from specialist dog trainers in your local area, or study some of the excellent online training programs or DVD courses you can get online or maybe in your local library.

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