The Advantages Of Buying From A Reputable Breeder

Making the decision to add a new puppy to your family isn’t one that should be taken lightly. Many adjustments will be made by the family as well as the puppy. After all, the little pup will be leaving his momma, his litter mates and the only humans he has ever known. But if the puppy has gotten a good start in life with a reputable breeder he is much more likely to have an easy time adjusting to his new permanent home.

The first thing you have to do is find the perfect puppy, and you will most likely begin by searching out a reputable breeder of the particular type of dog that you desire. The trick is to buy your puppy from someone that is ethical and that cares more about where the puppy is going than about making money.

There are many advantages of making your purchase from a breeder that value’s both preservation of the breed itself and the puppy’s best interests. First of all, such a breeder will attempt to mate dogs in an effort to promote AKC breed standards and that result in happy and healthy puppies with sweet dispositions. These breeders will provide proper care to the mother dog before and during the birth and to the puppies before they move to their permanent home.
Reputable breeders are willing to discuss the ancestry of a puppy, as well as the medical history. In most cases both parent dogs will be available for you to see (or at least the mother), when you visit. Additionally, many of these breeders will provide a puppy starter package that includes a sample of the food the puppy has been eating, and often may also include such items as a blanket that has been used by the momma dog, the puppy and his litter mates, plus a toy.

Because these items have the scent of the puppy’s siblings and mother they are comforting to him. Many times these simple touches can make the difference between a smooth adjustment to a new home and several sleepless nights due to a lonely crying puppy. Speaking of problems with a new puppy, most breeders will suggest that you contact them with any questions regarding how to care for your puppy.

Reputable breeders understand the importance of socialization for dogs, and this socialization should begin as soon as possible. This means the breeder should spend time with the puppies each day. By stroking the puppies and playing with them on a regular basis they will become accustomed to human touch more quickly. Puppies should also be introduced to other people and other animals early in their lives. This helps the pup adapt to various people and animals. This of course helps to insure that the puppy will be a well adjusted pet that gets along with other pets in the home.

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