Tips For When You Bring Your New Dog Home

Whenever you bring a brand new puppy home the rush and excitement in your air is palpable. All of the members of your loved ones would want to become the perfect puppy’s buddy, patting and stroking him. Is that what is the best for the new puppy? You need to think that this little guy is taken away from his mother and siblings, and put within the box or crate; then put in a car which he could have only done once or twice prior to. It is a whole world of new things, and then he might be overwhelmed and frightened.

If your puppy has had all his injections already, you could give him a quick walk prior to you taking him inside your home. Because ideally then he will have had a bit of a work-out and be less stressed, come in and go to sleep; your entire family ought to be warned to not touch him until he awakens.

If he hasn’t had his injections yet, it might be safe for him to have a walk around inside the yard to help burn off any excess energy and get him to calm down. Remember, a great deal of praise if he goes to the toilet!

Whenever you do when bring him home, put him in his bed and try to settle him down as soon as possible. If you were given a blanket for him that smells of his old home, add that to his bed now.

You’d do well to include a hot water bottle safely covered with a blanket, and a lot of people recommend adding a clock that ticks nearby, to remind the puppy of his mothers beating heart. A brand new puppy will usually sleep for an hour or so. Then when he wakes up take him out to go to the toilet as soon as you can.

Right now the children will probably be absolutely desperate to stroke and cuddle the new puppy, so allow the youngsters to pat him a little, but get them to be gentle. Permit them to stroke him one at a time.

Don’t let your dog get too frisky with the children; he must understand that children are higher in rank than he is. He has to know his place in a firm but kind way. In case your puppy does get too jumpy, then your children must learn to say “no!” in a firm way” and to walk away from the puppy.

When night-time comes, you should have had time to decide where your puppy is going to sleep at night. You are able to put him in a crate, he will learn that it is his safe cave, and then he can go there to be quiet and get some peace. Your children must be taught to not disturb him when he is in his crate.

If you do have him sleep in the crate, you will need to get up with him first thing in the morning to allow him to out to go on the toilet. He won’t want to urinate in the crate. Dogs always want to urinate away from the beds. He might have an accident and you need to prepare for that with plenty of newspaper or a puppy pad at the end of his crate. But he’ll make the effort not to use his it.

If you are firm, and most importantly consistent with your puppy, he can quickly learn what’s OK and what’s not. Never hit your puppy, with a newspaper or some object, as it teaches him nothing other than the fact that you are cruel to him.

If you just keep praising him a great deal for every good thing he does, then he will keep doing his best to keep you happy by doing what you reward him for doing. He really wants to make you happy. It is the perfect reward for him!

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