Which Dog Bowl Is Right For Your Dog?

When you became a dog owner you became responsible for his care in every way. This includes feeding him as well as meeting every other need in his life. While the process of caring for a dog is not complicated many people do not give as much thought as they should about some of the basic care. This includes things like training your dog basic commands that could literally save his life, and learning about proper nutrition for your pet so you can insure that he gets a proper diet. Taking that one step farther, consideration should be given to the type of bowl that your dog will eat from.

Nowadays there are lots of choices available when it comes to dog dishes. We can find bowls that match our décor, personalized styles, or even self-feeding type bowls. They are also made from various materials, including everything from plastic and ceramic to metal.

Ideally the dog bowl should be easy to clean. Plastic bowls may not be a good choice for puppies because young dogs sometimes like to chew on things, including their food dish. A more durable bowl may be safer for them.

Size really does matter. The size of the bowl should be right for the amount of food that you feed your dog. Using a bowl that is too large can easily lead to over-feeding. Obviously, that can result in your dog becoming obese and unhealthy. Using a bowl that is too small can mean more work for you since you will have to feed your dog more often.

Another very important consideration is the depth of the bowl. If your dog has a short face you will need to use a shallow bowl. But dogs that have long muzzles can eat from deeper dishes without difficulty. One more issue related to the dog’s comfort when eating is the elevation of the dish. When dishes are raised up at a higher level, so that the dog does not have to bend his neck downward as he eats and swallows, eating is more comfortable for the dog. This is especially true for larger dogs. Dishes can be purchased in small raised holders or you can improvise with your own devices.

If your dog has a tendency to scoot his bowl across the floor you may want to consider looking for bowls that have rubber feet that will keep them in place. Another option is adding the rubber pads yourself or simply using a rubber mat to place the bowls on. Self-feeding bowls are the ones that have a dish that is continually filled. The reservoir is filled with a large quantity of food that drops down as the dog eats.

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